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We have received an influx of permit applications recently, and we appreciate your patience while we review them. Our team is working hard to get back to you as quickly as possible. We continue to strive to meet our target times for plan review, but currently some are taking longer so some target review times have been extended.

Guide and Training for our Digital Plan Review Process

Out To Bid Online Permit Process (for architects/engineers or design professionals)

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Search for Business Tax Receipt/Registration

Business Tax Accounts (BTR) and Registration Accounts (REG) run on a FISCAL YEAR that begins October 1 and ends September 30 each year. Renewal fees must be paid prior to September 30 to avoid any late fees.

Renewing your Local Business Tax Receipt?
If your business is regulated by another agency, please provide a copy of the certification, permit, license, registration, etc. (example: copy of PCCLB card, copy of registration from the Department of Agriculture, Consumer Services, etc.) with an expiration date later than September 30, 2019.

Search for Business Tax Receipts or Registrations by entering ONE of the following criteria ONLY:

  • BTR or REG number just as it appears on the document OR
  • Address Information OR
  • Parcel number

Troubles paying your Business Taxes? Step-by-step instructions here.

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